Do you want to kill it at work AND show up as the Mum you want to be? 

After having children, I wanted to go back to work just exactly as the person I was before I had kids. 

The person I was before having children often worked late, was available at short notice to bring things over the line and very much enjoyed the social aspects of working.

Before having children, I didn't mind being contactable and on almost all the time. 

I loved my job, loved the experience and I was a great employee - rewarded and treated as such.

After kids, working like this - the very way I had learned to work and which had served me incredibly well - created an almost permanent conflict. In order to be the person I wanted to be at work, I couldn't be the Mum I wanted to be. But if I was the Mum I wanted to be, who was I at work? 

I feared I would lose relevance. 

I thought I would have to completely shelve all my ambitions.

I was wrong. I didn't need to choose one or the other, I needed to change the way I worked. 

In my FREE guide I set out the 5 things that I changed when I went back to work after having my children and which lead me to love my work even MORE than I had before having children.

It's likely that you're doing more than 1 of these things. You're possibly doing all 5. 

In my guide, I also set out what exactly you can do to press reset, right now, this week.