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How to deal with your most challenging colleague

You’d have to look very hard to find a corporation that doesn’t have ‘mutual respect’ embedded somewhere into it’s value framework.  The person who first helped corporations compile their values knew that Respect for the people we work with is a game changer. When we can find it, communication becomes so much simpler. When it eludes us, having …

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Egg salad sandwiches at 6am

It started as a way to use up some egg salad that was in the fridge.  I took the diced egg, spring onion and mayonnaise mixture from the Tupperware and put in between two slices of bread, then added a few slices of cucumber,  wrapped it all in greaseproof paper and gave it to my husband to take to work.  The next morning, while I was …

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When staying strong and powering through, isn’t working

Have you ever tried so hard to stay positive and power through, only to end up crashing and burning out? Then rally and try even harder only to crash and burn again a few weeks later? ‘Staying positive’ when you’re feeling anything but and ‘powering through’ even when you’re exhausted, is the emotional equivalent of holding a beachball …

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