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The coached mind vs the uncoached mind

There’s only one difference between a coached mind and an uncoached mind:  The uncoached mind believes every thought it thinks.  The coached mind doesn’t believe every thought it thinks.  That’s it. An uncoached mind thinks ‘I’ve nothing contribute here’ and believes it. The thinker of that thought stays quiet for the duration of a meeting and then comes out and gets annoyed that she …

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The biggest waste of time there is

What is it? All the engagement management stuff that takes up so much time and is a complete headwreck? Zoom calls that go on and on? Children who interrupt you mid-flow every 5 minutes? Clients who don’t have their stuff ready when they said they would? Staff who aren’t as committed as they could be and send …

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The Urge Jar

We don’t do time outs, naughty steps or sending to rooms. As an adult; if someone asked me to do any of those things, I wouldn’t be able to do any self reflecting for the shame and dread I would feel as a result of the person I loved and trusted most banishing me out …

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