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The most important hour of the week

Every Sunday, I take around an hour to plan out my week. I make as many decisions as possible about the week ahead with the benefit of perspective and my best interests in mind. Then I write it all on my calendar. Some people think this is crazy – they tell me the last thing they want …

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Throwing away the script

I used to think I had a ‘time management’ problem.  I didn’t. I had an INTEGRITY problem. Before I tell you more about my problem, let’s talk about integrity for a minute. It’s a fairly loaded word and appears to be widely misunderstood. Integrity isn’t right vs wrong.  It’s not moral superiority. You aren’t necessarily ‘more in integrity’ just because you eat organic, …

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Crossing the River of Misery

In films, when the heroine undergoes a metamorphosis, it looks SPECTACULAR! She sees it, she GOES for it, everyone is rooting for her, she GETS just exactly what she’s looking for and they all live happily ever after. In the real world, change doesn’t look like that. Here’s why: In order to achieve results in your life …

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