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What are you getting paid to do?

Did you get coffee on your way into work this morning? When the barista handed you your coffee and you handed them more or less than a fiver depending on how fancy the coffee shop was and where you live, you both completed a value exchange. You paid money to receive a warm, caffeinated beverage made …

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Time Management is a feminist issue

I recently spoke to a female leader – also a Mum – whom I very much like and respect. We were talking about women in management and leadership, and specifically how women who are also Mums are coming through to leadership roles in the Big 4. She said this: ‘We have to accept that there …

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The most important hour of the week

Every Sunday, I take around an hour to plan out my week. I make as many decisions as possible about the week ahead with the benefit of perspective and my best interests in mind. Then I write it all on my calendar. Some people think this is crazy – they tell me the last thing they want …

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