Taking care of your most valuable asset

What's the most valuable thing you own?
You house, your car?
Maybe the most valuable thing to you is your family, your husband, your kids?
Want to know what the most valuable thing that I own is?
It's my BRAIN 🧠
If you'd asked me 5 years ago what the most valuable thing I owned was, I would not have said it was my brain. Because I hadn't yet learned that every single thing I ever, do, say or be, begins as a sentence in my brain - that is,  a thought.
Up until my very first coaching session, I believed that I just had thoughts, I didn't ever question their optionality, much less train my brain to believe new things, to think new thoughts. 
Every single things I have ever created, said or done and everything I will ever be, say or do, in the future, starts as a thought. This being the case - you can be sure I want to know what's going on up there and choose what data I'm putting in there.
Today, it strikes me, that not training my mind to work for me, to create the exact life I want to be living, is much like having a super fancy high tech computer sitting in the box, and never taking it out of the box.
It's the most sophisticated piece of machinery we own, and yet, many of us pay more attention to how we treat our iphones than we do to how we treat our brain - that is, we put them in nice cases, fix them when they're broke, buy new ones when the old one is obsolete, keep them out of the water and sun and know more about how to install an app than we know about what we think and believe. 🤯
This year, most of us will spend more on servicing our car, going on vacation, splashing out on that dreamy handbag, looking after out phone...than we will ever, in a lifetime, spend on downloading the most current software to run the most sophisticated piece of kit we own.
Money can't buy a human brain. It is an invaluable asset.
How are you taking care of your asset? How are you putting your most valuable asset to work for you, by training it to think this best thoughts it's available of thinking in order to create the exact life you want to be living.
What do you imagine for yourself?
Is it a promotion, is it more balance, or maybe you just want to feel a sense of sweet contentment when you flop down on the sofa at the end of the day?
I can help you get there using the equipment you have and showing you how to run an upgrade on your most valuable asset.
If you think that's an outrageous claim to make, I hear you. I didn't know anything about how to challenge a single thought I had until I was 35. Today, I know what change is possible just by managing our minds because I know what I have experienced and I see the transformations my clients experience every single day.
I would love to invite you to find out for yourself how this upgrade looks, on a free consultation call. I will show you exactly where you are running outdated software that has you - literally - standing in your own way.
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